Your personal assistant in challenging cardiac arrest scenarios.

Big Update! 

January 2024

iArrest 2.0 has just been released!!

This long awaited version of iArrest is packed with updates and improvements! The whole source code of iArrest has completely been rewritten, in order to streamline releases and updates in the future, to enable simultaneous updates on IOS and Android devices and to give both versions a beautiful streamlined UI. 

Tons of additional feature were included with this update including but not limited to:

- Choice between Adult, Obstetric and Paediatric arrest

- Ability to save Logs

- Ability to log Custom Events either by typing them out or via Speech Recognition

- Repeat dose of Amiodarone is now suggested after the 5th shock

- A Metronome can now be used to time chest compressions

- and many more!!

iArrest gives healthcare professionals a powerful tool to navigate stressful and challenging cardiac arrest scenarios. Whether as a Paramedic on scene or as a clinician in hospital, iArrest can assist in running structured and effective adult cardiac arrests. Developed by experienced clinicians regularly responding to cardiac arrest calls, iArrest takes into consideration the most recent Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines 2021.

Learning from the aviation industry, iArrest serves as a safety checklist for basic tasks that can easily be overlooked in critical situations. iArrest also incorporates a number of timers to assist with rhythm analysis, adrenaline administration and arrest documentation. It will remind the user via audible and visual cues about necessary  interventions, even if a clinician’s phone is muted. iArrest has been programmed to prevent phones from going into sleep mode, in order to ensure continuous use throughout the arrest.

iArrest will record the exact time an important event or an intervention has occurred and present the user with a detailed log of events. These logs can be copied to the clipboard and used for documentation and record keeping.

iArrest is currently undergoing extensive testing in simulated and real world scenarios. 

We are continuously improving and expanding on iArrest’s functionality. 

If you used iArrest in your practice and would like to provide us with feedback you can get in contact via email or on the App-Store.

Twitter @iArrestApp

iArrest was developed cross-platform and is available for download from the Apple App-Store and Google play Store.

Download the iArrest User Guide here.

iArrest User Guide

iArrest cannot replace sound knowledge in Advanced Life Support and should not be used by non-ALS trained clinicians. Use this app at your own risk and always use appropriate clinical judgement.